Core Aerating in the Niagara Region

Nova Property Solutions provides core aeration to improve the lawn's quality and health.

Aeration allows oxygen, water, and fertilizer to reach roots and build root structure, thus improving the quality of your lawn and keeping it lush and green.

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What is Lawn Aeration?

Lawn aeration involves removing chunks of grass and soil so air, water and nutrients can penetrate the ground and reach plant roots.

Nova Property Solutions uses special tools like the aerator to perforate the lawn and pull up plugs of turf. By decomposing, these pulled-out plugs become beneficial nutrients to your lawn and contribute to the beauty of your turf.

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Core Aerating  Niagara Region

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Advantages of Core Aeration

Core aeration can greatly help maintaining the health and lush green look of your lawn. The benefits of lawn aeration include:

  • Improved air exchange between the soil and atmosphere
  • Enhanced soil water uptake and use
  • Reduced water runoff and puddling
  • Stronger turfgrass roots
  • Reduced soil compaction
  • Enhanced heat and drought stress tolerance

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Promoting root growth for a healthier grass

Core Aerating  Niagara Region

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