Overseeding in the Niagara Region

Nova Property Solutions provides overseeding for a lush green and healthy lawn in the Niagara Region.

The process of overseeding will help existing lawns get thicker, in turn, improving its strength to resist weeds and drought. We apply topsoil followed by premium grass seed to ensure germination.

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Overseeding is the Key to Beautiful Lawns

Over time, it's normal for grass to thin and lose a bit of its colour and thickness. The right remedy to this issue is overseeding as it involves spreading grass seed over your existing lawn.

The landscape professionals at Nova Property Solutions knows how to achieve that beautiful and lush green lawn. Our overseeding service can help your lawn look great.

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Expert grass treatment for a beautiful lawn

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Lawn Reseeding

If and when your lawn starts looking thin and brown, it's time to call experts for reseeding services. Nova Property Solutions can help you get that thick, lush and green look you've always wanted for your lawn.

Be it reseeding or overseeding, we can help strengthen and thicken your grass to protect it against the weather. By applying grass seed over an existing lawn, we help fill in bare spots and reinvigorate your lawn.

Reseeding is quick, cheap and a healthy method to treat your lawn

Overseeding Niagara Region

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